Playboy Image Young Tollywood Hero

It is a normal routine to see young heroes getting linked up with heroines and after a while it fizzles off. However, there are times when certain link ups get a lot of attention and in the end, the hero becomes a playboy. Something like that is happening with Ranbir Kapoor in Bollywood and Tollywood is not far behind.

After a very long time, one young hero has been elevated to the ‘Playboy’ image. He is Daggubati Rana. Lately, Rana has been hitting the headlines in both Tollywood and Bollywood and he is being linked with Bipasha Basu, Shriya in an intense way. Already, the regular share of explanations and denials has been issued from all sides.

However, the cine pundits say “Having a playboy image may be bad for regular boys but in cinema industry, that’s an elevation. It is more of a glorified image as per Bollywood standards. Right now, Rana seems to be hogging the limelight in both circuits. If he can generate the right mileage out of it, his career graph will get extra boost but then he must take care not to cross the line.”

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